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Bath Products

Spa Policies

Transparency and Care

At Bidejea our guests always come first. We are committed to ensuring that your spa experience is enjoyable and relaxing. Our policies have been set to be fair and transparent, to guarantee your ultimate satisfaction. As a spa guest, you have the right to A clean, safe and comfortable environment. Stop a treatment at any time, for any reason. Be treated with consideration, dignity, and respect.

Privacy Policy

Your Data Is Safe

This is your Privacy Policy section. It’s a great place to inform your customers about how you use, store, and protect their personal information. Add details such as how you use third-party banking to verify payment or store customers’ data once their purchase has been completed.

Your user’s privacy is of the highest importance to your business, so take the time to write an accurate and detailed policy. Use straightforward language so that they can shop with confidence, time and time again!

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